CEASA is a voluntary association of Clinical Engineering practitioners. Our members practice at all levels within both state and private sector healthcare delivery systems in South Africa, also in the allied medical devices supply and support industry.

CEASA’s objectives are fully defined within our Constitution, however some key fundamentals are

  • To encourage and promote the personal and professional development of all our Clinical Engineering members.
  • To reinforce and elevate the Clinical Engineering profession as seen by all healthcare professionals.
  • To strive for continued Clinical Engineering excellence and partnership within all healthcare provision environments.
  • To directly represent all levels of Clinical Engineering practitioners within the Engineering Council of South Africa.
  • To foster and establish international links and co-operation surrounding all aspects of Clinical Engineering.

CEASA’s activities

We are involved in the planning of ongoing educational meetings and other programs, frequently interacting with healthcare professionals, the South African Department of Health, the Engineering Council of South Africa, academic institutions, other organisations and associations. CEASA in effect represents the practice of Clinical Engineering in all national forums.