What is Clinical Engineering?

® Clinical Engineering: the management, support, development and quality assurance of healthcare technology as part of safe, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare delivery. (Working Committee on Clinical Engineering, 2000)

Where can I find a copy of CEASA's Constitution?

Download a copy of the Constitution from the Downloads page on this web site.

Why should I join CEASA?

There are numerous personal and professional benefits to joining CEASA, professionals understand why.

How do I join CEASA?

Fill in an application form from the Apply online page and submit it.

Is CEASA a part of ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa)?

No, CEASA is not a part of ECSA.

CEASA is your officially recognised Voluntary Association at ECSA as per the Engineering Professions Act. CEASA members are thus afforded a professional registration discount by ECSA. Read the document entitled CEASA and ECSA Roles and Relationships Explained to understand more on the topic.

ECSA engages CEASA on Clinical Engineering related matters as required, some of our members serve on ECSA committees and working groups as individuals.

What about Compulsory Professional Registration at ECSA?

On 12 September 2000, in order to have input into this process and follow developments as a unified grouping, a number of active practitioners in the field, launched the Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa (CEASA), from what was left of the dormant South African Association for Clinical Engineering (SAACE).

On 31 July 2003, the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) approved the establishment of our new registration category: Clinical Engineering Practitioners.

Take the time to peruse the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) website, ultimately all Clinical Engineering practitioners will need to register with ECSA.