CEASA Honourary Members


Honorary membership is defined within CEASA as a way to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the organization or who have achieved notable success in their field of work.

Our guidelines are:

  1. Process: CEASA council reviews the nominations for honorary membership at the annual general meeting (AGM). The application should include a shortened CV and list of accomplishments the individual has achieved pertaining to the field of clinical engineering.
  2. Period: The individual, preferably a member, and predominantly close to pension age, is awarded a lifetime membership.
  3. Benefits: Membership fee is waived and the Honourary Member’s name will be listed on the CEASA webpage. Names remain on this page in remembrance.
  4. Devotion: While honourary members are not required to fulfil the same responsibilities as regular members, they may be asked to:
    4.1 serve as ambassadors for CEASA,
    4.2 present at a webinars,
    4.3 contribute towards newsletters
    4.4 be willing to serve on a CEASA-advisory group to provide advice and guidance to CEASA council.
  5. Approval: Once an individual has been selected as an honorary member, CEASA issues a formal certificate to commemorate the membership.



A Clinical Engineering poem to salute our honourary members


“Clinical engineering, is a noble craft,
where science and health intertwine and graft,
devices and systems, with precision designed,
to aid in healing, body and mind.

From diagnostics to treatment, it plays a key role,
ensuring medical equipment meets the highest goal,
of reliability, safety, and efficacy,
in service to patient care, with unwavering consistency.

It’s a field that demands both skill and heart,
to ensure that each device plays its part,
in healing the sick and easing their pain,
clinical engineering, a vital link in the healthcare chain,
a calling that has no end nor is for the faint hearted.”




Mr. Rob Dickinson
Former Health-Care Technology Consultant, Owner and Trainer of Fairmed Kwazulu Natal Branch
Mr. Johan van Roon
Former Dept Head of Clinical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Tshwane Gauteng Branch
Mr. John Ruiter
Formerly worked at Sakhiwo Health Solutions Western Cape Branch
Mr. Izak du Plessis
Formerly worked at Department of Health Free State Gauteng Branch
Mr. Michael Botha
Formerly worked at Health-Care Engineering Consultant at FTMAS Western Cape Branch
Mr. Hendrik Radyn
Formerly worked at the Western Cape Department of Health Western Cape Branch
Mr. Roger Short
Former Business Development Manager at at Elekta Gauteng Branch
Mr. Leslie Harker
Former Deputy Director of Clinical Engineering at Livingstone Hospital and Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital Eastern Cape Branch
Mr. Ian Cairns
Former Head of Electronics Department at CPH responsible for the Western Cape Region Western Cape Branch
Mr. Mladen Poluta
Former Director of Health Technology at the Western Cape Department of Health Western Cape Branch
Mr. Erik Kiderlen
Consulting Engineer with Ashway Investments Western Cape Branch
Mr. Laro Fourie
Formerly worked at St Dominic’s Hospital Eastern Cape Branch
Mr. Lunn Steven
Former owner of LS Medical Consultants Gauteng Branch
Mr. Piet Labuschagne
Former owner of the Fixing Man Gauteng Branch
Prof. Cedric Smith
Former Lecturer at the Pretoria Technikon Gauteng Branch
Mr. Dusan Simovic
Former Product Manager PMLS at Mindray Medical  South Africa Gauteng Branch