CEASA Website Policy Declaration

Purpose of our Web site

The purpose of our web site is to enhance the support services we provide to our CEASA members and to assist our colleagues in the healthcare field to understand what CEASA is all about. We undertake to adhere to the ethical principles and ideals of responsible web publishing and administration practices. CEASA operates within its own Constitution, including the Law and Constitution of South Africa.

Privacy Statement

Statistics collected from our Web site

Web activity on our sites is tracked by using the services of third party statistics providers. At the base of most of our pages will be seen a logo that is freshly loaded for each page visited. From time to time we may also try other statistics services, simply to compare reporting facilities. By clicking on stats logos you have access to peruse these stats providers’ sites and Privacy statements.

Feedback and Membership Application forms

Feedback and Membership Application forms on our site may require you to provide us with essential personal details. CEASA solely uses this data internally for administrative purposes within its Committees and the National Council. CEASA may communicate with you (using contact details knowingly supplied by you) from time to time. We respect your right to advise us to remove you from any communication lists that CEASA may have compiled from your personal submissions. We do not provide or sell this information to any third parties.

Members E-Mail Addresses

Security measures have been taken in the source code of pages displaying E-Mail addresses. For any further information, contact the Webmaster via the E-Mail link provided at the base of this page.

CEASA Social Networking Sites

In keeping with modern trends and our members’ expectations, CEASA may post its own pages on social networking sites. It is advised that you first peruse the social networking sites’ own Privacy statements and decide for yourself as to whether they are personally acceptable before accessing any CEASA pages or content posted therein. Even though they may carry the CEASA identity or logo, CEASA totally absolves itself of responsibility for any and all privacy concerns or issues arising as a result of the viewing or usage of any CEASA pages or content hosted by third party or social media sites. CEASA reserves the right to moderate or to suspend its social media pages at any time.


Third party content and source is acknowledged on our pages, usually by way of providing directly named textual links or linked logo’s to such references. CEASA editorial comment and content is characterised by the fact it is displayed within a CEASA page. CEASA does not “frame” third party sources to masquerade as its own. Wherever possible, third party content is provided in a new window with the copyright holder’s own web content being presented within that new window. CEASA’s policy is to request third party permission to provide direct links to their copyright material deemed pertinent or useful to enhance the experience of our web audience.


CEASA undertakes to respond to any communication via the Webmaster or feedback / information request forms within ten working days. Typically this period is reduced to a day or two, however, it may be required that Committees or the Council must consider your feedback or request; or even that there may be technical difficulties in replying to you. At the least, you can expect a reasonably rapid acknowledgement of your request, even if to advise that the considered opinion/answer will follow in due course.


Transparency, advertising and sponsorship are very closely inter-related. Neither potential advertisers nor corporate members or existing sponsors have any influence on the editorial content of CEASA webs.


The CEASA Council agrees that third party advertising may be beneficial in offsetting our web publishing and maintenance costs, thus third party paid advertisements may be considered. Advertising would need to be appropriate for our Medical and Clinical Engineering related web audience, also clearly being differentiated as advertising within CEASA’s webs and not as endorsement of the supplier, service, brand or product by CEASA. CEASA has also provided for an alternative source of funding via our Employment page on this website, wherein a nominal fee may be negotiated for posting administration.


CEASA has received and continues to receive valuable sponsorship. Sponsorship is usually on a once off or sporadic basis and is clearly described and acknowledged on the Sponsorship pages of CEASA’s National Council and Branch webs.


CEASA has published its web site in good faith for the purpose of providing general information about CEASA and its activities. The web pages are provided “as is” and no representation or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, is or has been made as to the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the information provided by it or any online web pages or material that any CEASA web page may have a link to. CEASA cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of third party or social media sites, it is advised that you check their own privacy policies for yourself.

By accessing our web site, you expressly acknowledge that pages may contain incomplete information, the information may contain errors, or the information may be outdated and is not intended to replace any professional human advice.

Please indicate to the Webmaster, by usage of the contact link at the base of this page, any inaccuracy of any information presented in our pages, or indeed if you have any concerns surrounding webs that we have provided direct links to.


All structure, pages and content published on CEASA webs are © Copyright CEASA or other holders, with all rights reserved. Please be specific about your request to use any material posted on this web. If we are not the original Copyright holders, we will direct you to the party whom holds the original Copyright over requested material.


We request that Webmasters advise us if they intend linking to any of our pages. “Framing” of our pages or any content therein is prohibited.

References should refer to “CEASA – The Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa”, our homepage URL is https://www.ceasa.org.za, other page URL’s may change from time to time as the webs evolve.

Permission to use the CEASA Logo can be obtained from the Administrator.