Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa is associated with the following organizations and bodies

The Global Clinical Engineering Alliance’s undertakes to be of service to the international body of Clinical Engineering professionals by furthering research and sharing best practices through cooperation and partnership with healthcare collaborators.

CEASA is a member of GCEA

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The Engineering Council of SA registers competent, qualification based Engineering Practitioners through assessment of experience and peer evaluation.

Irrespective of past or current educational routes followed towards entering the Clinical Engineering profession, successful ECSA evaluation of an applicant’s evidence-based / proven competencies results in professional registration and entitlement in various categories such as Professional Engineer, Professional Engineering Technologist, Professional Certificated Engineer or Professional Engineering Technician.

The Specified Category of Medical Equipment Maintainer provides for the registration of persons who cannot register in a professional category, but who perform Clinical Engineering work.

  • ECSA recognizes CEASA a Voluntary Association (Category B) in terms of Section 25 (1) (3) of Engineering Profession Act (Act 49 of 2000)
  • ECSA recognizes CEASA as an ECSA CPD Licensed Body in terms of Section 4 of the CPD Standard (ECSA-01-STD) 

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The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) is a confederation for advancing and facilitating the profession of Clinical Engineering to bring about advancement of global healthcare supply through development of secure and effectual innovation, administration, and organization of healthcare technology.

CEASA is a Member of IFMBE

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The South African Medical Technology Industry Association was established in 1985 and is the voice of the South African medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics industry.
Their efforts ensure a sustainability in the field of medical technology industry and also makes it possible for patients to access innovative solutions. They offer their members a collective, objective and credible platform to engage with all stakeholders in the field of Medical Technology.
Their members are companies both local and multinational – who are involved in the manufacturing, importing, sales, marketing and distribution of medical technologies within South Africa.

CEASA is a SAMED Associate Member

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