Clinical Engineering Education & Practical Training

This page is intended to display links to educational institutions committed to training Clinical Engineering personnel, also to provide an indication of practical training positions currently available to graduates after they graduate from these educational institutions.

This CEASA initiative highlights our commitment to regional healthcare sectors and the healthcare technology industry at large that we want to positively contribute towards solving the Clinical Engineering skills shortage.

South African Universities providing Clinical Engineering and related training programmes

The Tshwane University of Technology Clinical Engineering study programme is part of Electrical Engineering and offers various levels of qualifications from national diploma to BTech and post graduate degrees (MTech, DTech). Our programme is well known and considered the major provider of CE technicians in the country. We also have research facilities in the area of enabled environment such as eHealth, mHealth and assisting equipment for disability with a number of post graduate students from many african countries. In addition, we have been offering short learning workshops in medical equipment maintenance and health technology management.


University of Cape Town’s Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) programme offers a range of career-building opportunities – from short courses to formal qualifications – with content covering healthcare infrastructure and technology planning, assessment, regulation, acquisition and management (i.e. the areas of specialisation known as Clinical Engineering and Hospital Engineering) as well as the related areas of ehealth and Health Informatics, Asset Management, Project Management, Airborne Infection Control and Medical Device Innovation. Courses are also customised to client requirements (private entities, NGO’s, Ministries of Health, etc.) and delivered either at UCT or at client facilities as part of national, regional and international outreach and collaboration.


WITS University offers a three year undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering which includes subjects Science, Engineering, Medicine and Biology.  Specific biomedical courses form part of this study field.  This course is a pre-professional qualification.  After graduation, the routes of Medicine, Electrical Engineering or Physics can be pursued.


Unisa offers a three year diploma (SAQA level 6) on a distance learning basis, which leads to a formal qualification in the field of study in Clinical Engineering. One year of the three years is spent in the healthcare industry in a monitored learnership. After completing the diploma and a further 3 years of appropriate experience in the healthcare industry, the candidate may apply to be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa.



The South African Clinical Engineering Training Register

The training register presented below serves to acknowledge and to provide exposure for medical equipment suppliers and hospitals offering practical training opportunities for Clinical Engineering students. Hopefully this will motivate other medical equipment suppliers and hospitals to participate in the practical training and development of Clinical Engineering students.

An opportunity for synergies between training providers exists wherein students could be rotated to broaden their practical exposure. This CEASA initiative provides students with direct access to practical Clinical Engineering training providers.

Contact us with details of training positions being offered and we will list them here free of charge.